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Updated: May 11, 2021

At Ram Reman we can refurbish rams of any size or weight*. We can repair hydraulic rams regardless of their original manufacturer. The simplest piece of advice we give our customers is – HAVE A QUESTION, PLEASE DO GIVE US A CALL…

Our expertise, diverse machinery, large workshop and 3D design skills, enable the Ram Reman team to collect, strip, assess and provide quick, accurate quotations for the repair rams used in all sorts of applications. We feel the more timely the response, the less downtime our customers experience, which is key to getting your machinery back in action.

We continue to prove repairing and refurbishing rams, is significantly more cost effective than purchasing brand new replacements.

We work with ...

Plant Hire Companies – we enable a diverse range of diggers, cherry pickers and dumpers to continue earning their keep out on hire.

Agricultural Machinery and Haulage Firms – repairing large hydraulic cylinders on tipping trailers, refurbishing smaller rams for safe, controlled operation of ramps, doors and loaders.

The Marine Industry – from bespoke rams with a specific requirement on high end yachts to complex ferry door opening rams and anything in between.

We offer to collect rams up to three tonnes in weight free of charge*, strip the cylinder down and provide a timely quotation, to ensure machinery has the minimum of down time.

Our trade counter is fully stocked. We have metres of different grades of hydraulic hose, connectors, glands, seals, valves, filters and tools. Our aim is to keep customers machinery up and running.

Have a ram or cylinder, want to know if we can repair it – give us a call on 01202 861888 and we can discuss the options with you.

* If for any reason the rams is not able to be repaired, we reserve the right to ask the customer to cover courier costs.

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