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Why Are Television Repeats Relevant To Our Industry? ...

Hydraulic Ram and Cylinder "Repair Shop"

As the popularity of TV programmes such as The Repair Shop and Antique Hunters rise, as does the highlight placed on the repair and refurbishment skills available around the country. Whilst watching, viewers are being stirred to tinker with back burner projects.

With less TV programmes currently being made, there is a prospect of re-runs for a long time yet!

For Ram Reman, individuals are increasingly researching the skills available to repair or refurbish hydraulic rams and cylinders, especially for more unique projects. The lockdowns over the past year have certainly given some more time to invest in their hedgerow or workshop ‘get-around-to-it-one- day’ projects.

Repairing or refurbishing hydraulic rams and cylinders is Ram Reman’s speciality. We offer an important cost saving option for our customers, when compared to buying new hydraulic rams and cylinders. We regularly work with those in plant hire, marine, transport and agriculture to extend the life span of important machinery.

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