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Refurbishing a Piggyback Ram: 9344mm long

Our skilled Ram Reman team worked to design and manufacture the tube and elements for this piggyback ram, using the workshops Axe & Status 3m bed lathe (MA-33240).

Our subcontractors conducted the required Non-Destructive Testing. Once approved, the piggyback ram was fully assembled.

We salvaged the trunnions on each end, which are used to position the ram when being installed, in addition to the rod eyes from the previous ram and were reused as part of the rebuild. All components were welded together in house.

The completed ram was pressure tested to the required factor of safety and painted in the customers preferred colour. The entire process was conducted in our large Wimborne workshop and yard.

The rod is manufactured from 316 chrome on Stainless Steel bar and has a diameter of 70mm. The cylinder is manufactured from steel honed tube with dimensions 150mm-170mm. The total length of the ram is 9344mm. The components of this piggyback ram are getting towards some of the largest elements Ram Reman is able to produce.

Upon completion, the ram was delivered back to the customer to be installed and put to work in the process of mining oil.

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