• Ram Reman Hydraulics - Hydraulic Ram and Hydraulic Cylinder

Bespoke fabricated hydraulic rams

Two hydraulic rams, made completely from scratch to fulfil a clients’ specific brief and specification. We started by modelling the rams on our 3D CAD SolidWorks system. Once the design was agreed and signed off, these rams were fabricated using the XYZ CNC Lathe and Colchester Magnum 1250. The specialist Ram Reman team has the ability to conduct all of the processes needed to complete hydraulic ram design and build in house including the welding, testing and painting.

The rod is manufactured from chrome bar and has a diameter of 28mm. The cylinder is manufactured from Steel honed tube and with dimensions 63mm-73mm. The closed centres are 915mm and the open centres are 1575mm, giving a stroke of 660mm.

The finished rams were sprayed in the customers specified RAL colour and supplied to site ready for installation on a luxury liner.

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